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Innovative Prostate Screening

PURE Index is a simple but accurate urine test for your prostate health. It provides valuable information for the biopsy decision.


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OUR Scientific Advisors

Anthony Chi-Fai Ng, MD

Director and Professor of S.H. Ho Urology Centre, Department of Surgery at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research interests are endourology, robotic surgery, stone management and uro-oncology.  Prof. Ng has authored over 200 scientific publications on urological diseases. He was honored the World Chinese Urology Association Award 2014 and is currently the Chairman of the Asian Urological Surgery Training and Education Group (AUSTEG) to support surgical training in young urologists in Asia.

Shigeo Horie, MD

Professor and Chairman of Department of Urology at Juntendo University in Japan. Prof. Horie specializes in urological surgery, robot-assisted prostate surgery, prostate cancer surgery, radical surgery for advanced cancer of the kidney and bladder and chemotherapy for cancer. He has over 30 years experience in urology with more than 350 publications. Prof. Horie is also a laparoscopic technology certified physician in the Japan Endoscopic Surgery Society.

David Parker, FRS

Professor of Department of Chemistry at Durham University (UK) and one of the top coordination chemists in the world. Prof. Parker was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of London in 2002. He has published over 300 scientific publications and held 40 patents.  His work is innovative and far-reaching, including the design and development of new chemical agents which were proven to be effective in imaging and therapeutic applications and have been evaluated in clinical trials.

Nicholas J. Long, PhD

Professor of Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London. Prof. Long holds the Si Edward Frankland BP Endowed Chair in Inorganic Chemistry. He is an expert in transition metal and lanthanide chemistry for the synthesis of functional molecules and his research focus on probe design and novel methodologies for biomedical imaging. Prof. Long has published over 200 papers, including two popular textbooks, 'Metallocenes'' and 'The Chemistry of Molecular Imaging'.

Pascal Gerner, PhD

Pascal Gerner has ten years of experience in sales, marketing and product management of semiconductor sensor solutions. He holds a PhD in non-linear optics and spectroscopy from the University of Berne. Dr. Gerner is currently the Director of Product Management for humidity and gas sensor products at Sensirion AG. He is also a member of the Board of Directors in greenTEG, a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).

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