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Gary Ka-Leung Wong, PhD

Chair Professor of Chemistry at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Prof. Wong mainly focuses on lanthanide chemistry for spectroscopy studies and molecular imaging in chemical biology. He has published more than 130 papers and was […]

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Achilles Fung, PhD

A background in pharmaceutical chemistry and drug design from his studies at University of Leicester and University College London. Achilles received a PhD in Chemistry at Hong Kong Baptist University. He is working on the […]

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Eugene Ho, PhD

Eugene had around 10 years of experience working with advanced scientific equipment in three local Universities and maintaining the quality management of laboratory in Hong Kong and PRC. His excellent experimental skills and cheerful disposition […]

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Miyuki Kwok

Miyuki has a BS in Chemistry (HKBU) and an MS in Food Safety and Toxicology (HKU). She joined New Life after the graduation and is one of the founding members. She works on the design […]

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Kim Lee

More than 10 years of experience working in both private sectors and public bodies, including handling ethics and regulatory documents and CFDA accreditation. Kim has a BS in Computing Mathematics (CityU) and an MS in […]

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Savio Szeto, PhD

Dr Szeto received his MS in Biochemical Technology (HKPolyU) in 1997 and PhD in Biomedical Science (HKPolyU) in 1999. Dr Szeto has been a Registered Medical Laboratory Technologist (Part 1) for near 30 years. He […]

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