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Product features:

  • A rapid test designed for preliminary prostate cancer screening
  • Simple steps and user-friendly design
  • Nanotechnology aid colorimetric-based detection

This product is licensed exclusively to a renowned pharmaceutical company in Hong Kong.
For detailed product information, please kindly contact JACOBSON PHARMA CORPORATION LIMITED via this link:



Conventional prostate cancer screening techniques such as Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test and Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are either inaccurate, expensive, inconvenient or invasive. With that, we have invented a new technology to support the application of a home-based diagnostic kit, which allows users to measure the risk of prostate cancer accurately at their desirable places. This invention is exclusively licensed to a subsidiary of Jacobson Pharma Corporation Limited (HKEX Stock No. 2633) for product design, manufacturing and commercialization in the global market.

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