Lanthanide Toolbox

What is Lanthanide Toolbox?

There are a few current medical imaging reagents which play crucial roles in diagnostic, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology medical and life science industry sectors. We have invented a new potent medical imaging reagent— Lanthanide Toolbox. While they can be used for Joubert-syndrome* diagnosis, there are many drawbacks such as time consuming, expensive and stringent requirements for running a test and storage.


Our product “Lanthanide Toolbox” for primary cilium (PC) imaging would solve the above problems. Furthermore, identifying primary cilium marker is a breakthrough. It is crucial for cancer formation detection.

Benefit of using Lanthanide Toolbox

1. Shorten Time: Preparation time is shorten from 4 days to 6 hours

2. Living cell imaging is now possible

3. Cost effective: Provide cost effective and more advanced and faster than the existing powerful immunostaining techniques using either antibodies or green fluorescent proteins as the primary cilium-specific probes

4. High quantum yield: Specific subcellular localization in the primary cilium with a high quantum yield reaching 10 % in water and a lifetime of 0.56 ms

5. Stable for storage and application

6. Two photon technique in vitro imaging in three dimensions for direct primary cilium imaging

7. Combination of techniques: visible-to-near-infrared fluorescence imaging and magnetic resonance imaging

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